My most treasured collaborations with

companies, choreographers, directors, and musicians. 

In June of 2018 I was hired as a full time company dancer by Ririe Woodbury Dance Company. I have worked with this incredible company in the past as a guest dancer and it is my complete honor to join this group as a company dancer. I am thrilled by the opportunity to create, teach, perform and learn with this remarkable group of people. Stay updated with the company's performance schedule on their website above! 

Brianna Lopez cast me in her thesis work "The Spark that Ignites a Light" which premiered November 30 2017. The process of tapping into our desires and recognizing their value was extremely satisfying and beautifully indulgent. To view my duet performance with Eliza Tappan begin watching at 11:55. I am so excited to extend this duet and tour it to Los Angeles, California in the spring of 2018.  

I have known Laja Field as my sister's childhood best friend since I was about 10 years old. She has been like an older sister to me and working with her and her husband Martin Durov has been a rigorous and inspiring process. Salt Lake's local dance company BRINE commissioned LajaMartin to set a new work on local artists for the upcoming concert Disembodied We. This captivating work "LUCY: Part 1" premiers October 12 and 13 at the Rose Wagner Black Box Theater.

Get your tickets here while they last:  

After taking a technique class in Salt Lake City, I began speaking to Nichele, a graduate student at the University of Utah Dance Department, and I learned that she had seen me perform a work by Eric Handman several years ago at an ACDA gala performance. I was stunned by her memory. After expressing appreciation for her choreography, she invited me to be a part of the creation of a new duet created under the mentorship of Doug Varone to be presented as a part of his DEVICES program. This new work "Stranger Kin" premiered in NYC at Gibney Dance on August 10, 2017. 

I met Graham Brown in 2015 after performing my dance theater interactive solo piece For it is good to be children sometimes at a Mudson showing at the Masonic Temple in SLC. After seeing this performance, he invited me to join the process of creating a new character for his fully immersive dance theater production of Sonder to premier in March of 2017 in the historic three story Eagle's Hall building. For this production, Graham and I co-created my new character, Alex, a 12 year old child with mental health and social challenges who confronts extreme loneliness, isolation, and independence. My role was unique in that a large portion of my interaction with audience members were in highly intimate and interactive 1 on 1 scenes. I savored the opportunity to dive deeply into creating and performing a nuanced character in a magical immersive world that I lived in for an incredibly successful 6 week run. Videos of the performance coming soon!

Most recently, Graham was asked to create an immersive theater performance for a Secret SLC event at Frida's Bistro. Graham asked me to play the role of Martha Gellhorn who was Ernest Hemingway's third wife. The performance took place amidst a roaring party and audience members were unexpectedly whisked away into these character's lives. 

I met Ben while living in Portland in 2016. From our first conversation it was clear to me that his work with sound and musical design could partner well with my own choreographic research. He invited me to collaborate on an inspiring project that I felt so blessed to have been a part of. 

I first met Molly Heller while she was pursuing her masters in modern dance at the University of Utah at the same time I was pursuing my BFA at the same university. First, Molly invited me to perform in the work 1984 and then to be a part of the creation of her thesis work This is your Paradise. Heller's unique and potent process expanded my understanding of dance making and the expressive potential within my dancing and performing body. Being a part of Heller's thesis research on performance as a tool for catharsis made real the empathetic impact dance and performance can have on the performers and audience alike. I most recently collaborated with Molly when I was invited to co-teach her Tennis Shoe Technique class during the Salt Dance Festival in June 2017. I look forward to my continued relationship with this hugely influential artist. 

While studying film abroad in Nepal, I met DJ Kafle. An incredibly ambitious and talented animator and film maker who is serious about making work happen and never making excuses. During my stay in Nepal we collaborated on this short film.